The Sixties: Class Papers, Spring 2019
- Ready for Revolution
- Supplementary Reading

Czech radicals confront Soviet tanks in Prague, August 20, 1968









Paper on Ready for Revolution, due April 1
A five-page paper (about 1500 words) in response to Kwame Ture's autobiography is due at outr first seminar meeting after the spring break. Focus the paper on this question: Like Malcolm X (b. 1925), Rosa Parks (b. 1913), and Yuri Kochiyama (b. 1921), Kwame Ture (b. 1941) devoted himself to the Black Freedom Movement, but he belonged to a younger generation of activists. In what ways did that distinguish--or not distinguish--his experience and politics from theirs?

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Papers on Supplementary Reading -- various books and due dates
Over the course of the term, every student will present a short paper (3-4 pages; 900-1200 words) on a book related to seminar reading. Focus your paper on the most important things the books adds to our understanding of the U.S. sixties based on reading assigned to the whole seminar. See the class schedule for assignments and due dates.

These papers will be posted below starting the first week in March.

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